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Who are we?

We’re owned and operated by one active LEO with the assistance of a small group of active LEOs, retired LEOs, medics and EMTs (by small, we mean there’s less than 10 of us total) looking to put our ideas into quality products, and use proceeds to donate to LEOs and their families in need through our sales.  We come together, put our experiences and ideas to paper, and use our trusted sources to make a quality product. We are pro-law enforcement, pro-military, and support all our fire and EMS brothers and sisters.

Custom Orders

In addition to selling products we design ourselves, we would love to help your agency, unit, or cause create the perfect challenge coin or patch at quality and prices that compete with the largest mainstream companies. All we need to start is an idea, whether you have a simple thought, something drawn out on a used napkin, or actual artwork, we can work with anything!

Our Mission

IN LEO WE TRUST was established in 2020. We specialize in producing patches and coins to people all over the world with an emphasis on law enforcement, and share a passion for fun and awesome designs using high quality materials and manufacturing.

Our Logo

Not all heroes must be sheepdogs. Meet LEO, the lion. Marked by determination, strength, and bravery, LEO is the face of those in blue, marked by his shield protecting those around him.

Owned by Active Cops

We pride ourselves on giving back to those we serve with by putting both ours and your ideas into products you can enjoy. We'll continue to make donations as we make sales to support our brothers and sisters in need.